After Death on FDR, Hostility Toward NYPD

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 3.32.54 PMGoogle Maps The Jacob Riis Houses, where Mr. Brown lived, at FDR Drive and Sixth Street.

The death of a man fleeing police across FDR Drive last week has led to aggression toward officers patrolling Avenue D, with some angry residents even tossing objects from the rooftops at them.

Lieutenant Patrick Ferguson of the Ninth Precinct revealed that the environment on Avenue D has taken a turn for the worse at a meeting of the Ninth Precinct Community Council last night.

“It’s been hostile,” said Mr. Ferguson. “We don’t have the best of friends there right now.”

Mr. Ferguson also confirmed what had been rumored: that Makever Brown, 22, was fleeing police after being caught in a drug sting on September 13. “We had cops working drug sales, and they got into a foot pursuit,” Mr. Ferguson said.

Mr. Brown fled the scene, and was struck by a livery cab at FDR Drive at Sixth Street at around 10:50 p.m.

A resident at the meeting last night said that Avenue D had indeed become much rowdier, and that overturned trash cans and trouble-making teenagers had become a very familiar sight.