It’s 1966 on East Fifth Street Today

boothDaniel Maurer

This’ll blow your mind, man: This morning, The Local spotted this groovy telephone booth on East Fifth Street near Avenue A, where a scene for “Greetings from Tim Buckley” is being shot.  A look inside Sophie’s revealed that the bar had been redecorated to evoke what a location assistant said was 1966 – the year of Tim Buckley’s debut album (Penn Badgley of “Gossip Girl” fame will play the hippie-era singer in the biopic). Across the street were extras wearing bellbottoms, turtlenecks, Afros, and other period attire. According to the location assistant, who asked not to be named, the film will be shooting there for the rest of the day, and shot at A-1 Records last week. (That scene was set in 1991, the time of Tim’s son Jeff Buckley.)

Next time you see something like this around the neighborhood, tell The Local.