East Villagers Speak: Are Slurpees The Last Straw?

Chain stores are not an unfamiliar sight in the East Village. According to the Center for an Urban Future, a public policy organization focused on the city’s low-income and working class neighborhoods, the 10003 zip code saw a 9.93 percent growth of national retail chains from 2009 to 2010. Last year, the East Village had the greatest number of retail chain stores of any neighborhood in the city. Now, 7-Eleven is expected to join the chain gang on October 5.

Margaret Chabris, the Dallas-based company’s public relations director, recently told The Local, “We believe there is an opportunity for growth there and [we can] meet the convenience needs of the local neighborhood residents, tourists and shoppers.”

We asked East Villagers how they felt about hosting 7-Eleven’s 11th store in Manhattan (one of 100 locations that, according to Crain’s, the chain plans to open in the next five years). Some were indeed looking forward to convenience; others felt that Slurpees were the proverbial last straw.