On Opening Day, SchoolBook Charts Progress of East Village Schools

Mosaic made by children on front door of East Village Community School, East 12th Street.Eastvillagedenizen

To coincide with back-to-school day, The Times and WNYC have launched their new SchoolBook site, which in addition to reporting news about New York City schools, encourages parents, teachers, and students to share their own. Not only can you watch as Rachel Ohm (whose “Street Style” videos you know and love) asks parents to show off their back-to-school shopping bags, but you can compare rankings and statistics for schools in the 10003 and 10009 zip codes. The news coming out of 10009 isn’t particularly good: Of 11 public schools listed, only one (Tompkins Square Middle School) boasts an above-average performance rating, and only two scored As (compared to six Cs) on their 2010 Progress Reports. For more about what these numbers mean, and for the latest education news from all over the city, head over to SchoolBook.