Here’s Where to Make (and Not to Make) Your Irene Runs

A Mighty WindTim Schreier

Getting ready to brawl over the last flashlight in the hardware store like the folks at the Village Voice? The Local is here to help. In the last few minutes we called up grocery stores in the neighborhood and asked for the rundown of bare essentials still in stock. Our very informal survey was conducted with whomever answered the phones at around 4:30 p.m.

Fine Fair at 42 Avenue C
“We have water, batteries, and small flashlights. We’ll be open until 9:45 p.m. I don’t think our lines are too bad.”

Key Food at 52 Avenue A
“We have some batteries, some water left. Certain sizes are running low. All in all, we’re still in pretty good shape and the lines are better now than they were. We’ll be open 24 hours, like usual.” (An earlier tweet by EV Grieve reported that the Key Food was a “madhouse.”)

East Village Farm Plus at 100 Avenue A
“I’m sold out of flashlights and batteries are almost gone. We still have water.”

Associated Supermarket at 409 E. 14th Street
“We still have everything and the lines are long, yes.”

The Met at 108 Second Avenue
No answer, they must have been really busy.

Trader Joe’s at 138 East 14th Street
“Shortly we’ll be running out of water. The line is out the door.” (Earlier in the day, @handelsaurus astutely noted that the line to the Trader Joe’s wine store was nonexistent.)

Whole Foods at 4 Union Square South
“It’s really busy — really, really busy. I have no idea if we’re sold out of anything, sorry.”

Atmi Liquor Store at 166 Second Avenue
“We’re not selling that much liquor. It’s like a regular day — maybe later people will start buying more, but not right now.” (According to Crain’s, Astor Wines & Spirits is getting a lot of Hurricane recipe requests.)

Seen a frantic rush for supplies anywhere in the neighborhood? Tell us about it in the comments.