Stephen Malkmus is at Other Music Tonight, and You Might Want to Start Lining Up

Other MusicJenn Pelly

Perennial indie-rock darling Stephen Malkmus, best known as the frontman of Pavement, is performing at Other Music tonight, playing acoustic songs off of his new release “Mirror Traffic” (NPR is currently streaming the album). The store will close at 8 pm for the 9 pm performance, after which Mr. Malkmus will sign copies of the LP. Other Music’s Website predicts that “this one is guaranteed to be a madhouse.” No one had started lining up as of 5 pm, but don’t be surprised if the line grows to look something like the above one for a Superchunk in-store last year.  If you’re a Pavement fan and you don’t make it in, you may want to walk a couple of blocks over to Great Jones Cafe, where the band’s bassist, Mark Ibold, still puts in shifts as a bartender.