‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Puts Veniero’s First Uptown, Then in Tribeca

subway photo - larry outside first

Last week’s episode of “Louie” stopped into East Village Wines, and last night’s episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” had an East Village arc, too. Sort of.

Early in the episode, Larry visits Veniero’s, the 115-year-old pasticceria on East 11th Street, and takes a loaf of Italian bread to Suzie’s dinner party “around the corner.” (You’ll forgive the grainy and inverted screen grabs.)

Funny thing is, an establishing shot shows the dinner party isn’t around the corner at all. Doesn’t this avenue look suspiciously like Central Park West?

subway photo - building

Some poking around on Google Images confirms that Suzie’s building is indeed at 353 Central Park West.

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What? You thought Ricky Gervais would show up to a dinner party near East 11th Street? Then again, it’s not out of the question.

The end of the episode finds Larry leaving Veniero’s with another loaf of bread.

subway photo - larry outside

Across the street, Mr. Gervais and a love interest are entering a subway station, and Larry follows.

subway photo - larry

Problem is, there is no subway station across from Veniero’s. Some more fun with Google Images reveals the subway entrance shown is actually the one at the corner of Chambers and West Broadway.

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Still more egregious: When Larry follows Mr. Gervais into the subway, signage indicates he has somehow been teleported into the Grand Central-42nd Street station.

subway photo

Okay, so maybe the folks at “Curb” don’t know where the self-declared “oldest Italian pastry shop” in America is, but Larry David seems to like its bread, at least. At the dinner party, he defends its hardness and recommends it toasted, with butter and garlic. Later in the episode, he uses it to beat back a mugger.

“You’re right about the bread, Simmington,” says Larry. “It is hard.”