Rachel Dratch’s East Village

Rachel DratchMary Ellen Matthews

She may be known for the lovably oddball characters she’s brought to life on “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock”, but in the East Village, actress Rachel Dratch has another mark of distinction. She’s a local.

As new mom to an infant, Ms. Dratch has been more of a homebody than usual of late, especially now that she is penning a collection of autobiographical (and, we trust, laugh-out-loud funny) stories on life after “S.N.L.”. Still, we found her to be an enthusiastic consumer of the local hangs, and with nine years as a resident of the East Village, she’s sampled more than a few of the best. Lucky for us, she was not at all timid about sharing her favorite spots.

Best Breakfast

“I like the pierogis at Veselka, and I like that it’s open 24 hours. Now that I have a baby, I don’t usually take advantage of the 24-hour thing like I used to, but I just like living in New York and knowing everything is open 24 hours.”

Best Ice Cream

“I like Sundaes and Cones. The chocolate peanut butter ice cream there will not fail you. I took one bite and I literally stopped in my tracks, I’m embarrassed to say.”

Best Record Shop

“I’m not cool enough to have a record collection.”

Best Place for Late Night Conversation

The Bourgeois Pig. It’s just a cozy vibe. I love a bar with couches.”

Best for Dinner

Supper is my favorite East Village place, maybe my favorite New York restaurant. They have these really cool party rooms that are hidden… You walk though the little wine storage area and it looks like you’re in ‘Scooby-Doo’ or something ‘Where is this going?’ And then you open the door and it’s just the coolest room.”

Newly Discovered Hotspot

“One of my latest that I go to is Mayahuel… I think they have the best margarita in New York. When I was pregnant, I said, after I have the baby, I’m going to have it because I would have wine occasionally but I just couldn’t justify the margarita!”

Best for Gifts

“Exit 9 and Lancelotti on Avenue A — cute little housewares and gift store.”

Best Bodega

“I don’t really have one… I’m totally going to lose my East Village cred when I say I don’t have a bodega, but that’s the truth.”

Finally we asked her, “Did you choose the East Village or did the East Village choose you?”

“I’m not sure I’m cool enough for the East Village to choose me, so I’ll say I chose it and grew to love it and I still don’t have any piercings or tattoos.”

Angela Cravens is editorial director of the pop culture “channelzine” Arcade44.