Viewfinder | Benched

Rachel Citron on life and benches in the city.

Couple Intertwined - Central Park.

“The great equalizer – benches afford both natives and visitors free space to mingle while simultaneously allowing each of us to sit down, lie down, or simply have a moment to ourselves. The NYC Bench has continued to thrive in spite of a world consumed by Twitter updates and blog postings that could have rendered the bench obsolete, even quaint. That being said, today’s New Yorker is just as likely to be found reading a book as she is to reading text on her Blackberry.”

Shoeless Joe Jackson - Coney Island

“’Shoeless Joe Jackson’ – A stranger who was not only very pleased when I asked if I could take his picture, but proceded to suggest various angles and poses. This first one however, where he is at his most natural, is my favorite.”

The Critic

“A playful take on the ‘benched’ series. This flock of penguins momentarily made these benches in Union Square their home, much to the delight of children and passer-by.”

“A private moment – despite all the noise of children climbing on the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ statue in Central Park, this man managed to carve some space and solace for himself.”

Texting Monster

“The most recent of the series – multi-tasking while enjoying one of the city’s newest urban spaces, a park along the West Side Highway.”


“I call this one ‘Doze.’ ”

Couple - Bethesda Fountain

“A St. Patrick’s Day nap, a couple relaxes after the Parade festivities.”

Seniors Bench - Coney Island

“A group of friends enjoying the heat and working on their tans.”

Couple Intertwined - Central Park.

“Modern Love — spotted in Central Park, a couple sharing a bench and an iPod.”

Rachel Citron is community contributor to The Local East Village. More of her photography can be seen here. More images in her bench series can be found here.