What Are You Reading?

We took to the towpaths of Tompkins Square Park this week to ask locals about their new and offbeat summer reads.

Kim Fuerth, 21
Student, New York University
Reading: Ishmael

“It’s about a man having a conversation with a gorilla about nature. I studied abroad in Ghana and all of my friends there recommended it. I’ve been really into reading in shady parks lately like Tomkins; it’s good because you don’t sweat.”

Hank Dreve, 62
Reading: Bob Dylan Chronicles

“I’m saddened by the fact that the world he describes no longer exists. Right now I’m reading a part that takes place in New Orleans; he writes it so colorfully that I feel like I got to see it before the hurricane.”

Alan FlemingChelsia Rose Marcius Alan Fleming.
Alan Fleming, 26
Reading: “I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon)”

“I install art and I was interested in how much people spend on artwork. The author is an art dealer and had a Warhol painting; he got rid of it and could never buy it back because it was 10 times as expensive. But it speaks to me in the sense that there’s hope I can live off my work.”

Jacob Coronado, 28
Reading: The Alienist

“I’ve been reading this book for two years; I’ll read this book for hours then won’t pick it back up for weeks or months. But I like reading here because when you’re done, you’re close to places to eat and things to do.”

Paula Davidson, 20
Student, Marymount Manhattan College
Reading: The Tipping Point

“It’s one of those books that you like but can put down and not pick back up again. I just moved in with my friends and I’m going through their library and I come to the dog park to read — you see the same faces all the time, it’s like our own little community.”

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IMG_0409Chelsia Rose Marcius Kim Fuerth, 21, of the East Village, reads “Ishmael” in Tompkins Square Park.