The Day | A Bar Gets A Facelift

Lottery StopTim Schreier

Good morning, East Village.

DNAinfo reports that the former location of the Sin Sin Lounge, known for its rowdy atmosphere and late-night drunken brawls that culminated in a fatal shooting last summer, is planning to re-open as an upscale bakery. Yes, it will still serve drinks. But the ownership appears to be going to great lengths to demonstrate that the location wants to change its reputation. The new bakery will feature flakey pastries and swanky upstairs dine-in seating. It even had that old prison tattoo of a name blotted over and tentatively replaced with “Sweet Boutique.”

Last week, we brought you a post in which some of the founding members of P.S. 122 shared their memories of the performance space’s early years. An article by the BBC describes the space’s role in the fight against AIDS. The BBC details the history of the red ribbon, from its origin as a reaction to global indifference concerning the HIV outbreak, to its rise as a universally recognized emblem of support – much of which began at P.S. 122.

On Wednesday, we described the neighborhood-wide reflections about the 20th anniversary of the 1991 Memorial Day riot at Tompkins Square Park. The Times checks in with an assessment of how the riot was a turning point for our community.

And finally, the Howl! Festival will begin today with a reading of its namesake poem in Tompkins Square Park at 5 this evening. A number of poets will lend their voices to reading, including Miguel Algarín, who we mentioned on the blog  yesterday. It’s a small world among poets: Hettie Jones once said she could fit the entire beat generation into her living room. Ask her, she’ll be there.