The Day | Landmarks, Old and New

spot the joggerMichelle Rick

Good morning, East Village.

While the city agrees on the proposal to expand the boundaries intended to preserve several East Village landmarks, Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York reports that a significant part of the neighborhood’s history has just been lost. The faded lettering for The Fat Black Pussycat Theatre, which hung over Panchito’s restaurant, was painted over by the owners on Wednesday. The fresh coating of paint not only obscures the daily reminder that the Minetta Street location was once much more than a restaurant, but also takes away those little moments of discovery that help residents who were unaware engender a healthy respect for the history that surrounds them.

Forgotten New York provides a very informative digital walking tour of St. Marks Place. The tour encompasses the full personality of the street, covering everything from the architectural, to the cultural, to the personal for history that is old, new, and sometimes, in the making.

And it didn’t take the Parks Department long. Today the ping-pong table in Tompkins Square Park will receive its first bath after being tagged — also a first — last weekend.