The Day | After the Trial

cityscape through fenceMichelle Rick

Good morning, East Village.

The trial of two East Village officers accused of raping a woman concluded yesterday after almost two months of testimony. Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, formerly of the Ninth Precinct, were acquitted of rape charges but convicted on three counts of official misconduct; all other charges were dismissed. According to DNAinfo, the officers will lose their jobs as a result of the convictions and could face up to two years in jail. However, some members of the community are bemoaning the verdict, declaring that the officers’ acquittal on more serious charges damages the credibility of the police and could prevent rape victims from coming forward in the future.

During a speech in Cooper Union yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg cautioned opponents of same-sex marriage not to be on the wrong side of history. In his speech, he likened the struggle for marriage equality to several other historical civil rights movements and called for a vote on the issue in the current legislative session, rather than waiting until 2012, citing that as the birthplace of the gay rights’ movement, New York had a duty to lead.  DNAinfo has the story.

And finally, after 20 years as the host of Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade on WBAI-FM 99.5, Bill Weinberg was let go from the self-described “Free Speech Radio” station in March for “denigrating other programmers on the airwaves.”  Mr. Weinberg claims his departure came after he began openly criticizing the radio station’s support of right-wing commentators and conspiracy theorists.  For more on the story head to the City Room blog at The Times.