The Day | After the Dance

New York Dance Parade 2011Heather Holland

Good morning, East Village.

So the rapture didn’t happen.  On Saturday, the only thing to descend on the East Village was a massive flock of dancers.  Out of the ordinary, perhaps, and measurably more welcome than pestilence and stinking sores, but still, it was not what Harold Camping had envisioned when he spoke of the Earth’s assured destruction on May 21, 2011. Some people are now wondering where the old radio minister is?  Chief among them, Robert Fitzpatrick, the man who plunked down $140,000 — his life savings — to finance the doomsday ad campaign.  But most are simply turning their attention elsewhere.  Even the Mars Bar has a new sign!

The allergy season is flaring up and blurring the lines between pets and their owners. According to The Post, one in five pets may be suffering from some form of allergy, and with the pollen season in full swing, some East Village pups are now taking human antihistamines for the doggie form of hay fever.

As for the human-caused air irritants, EV Grieve is up on the latest extension of smoking bans to city parks. Starting today, if you light up in Tompkins Square Park you might have to cough up $50.

The Daily News has a special multimedia report today that was prepared by the students of NYU Journalism. The report finds that residents of East Village and Lower East Side public housing developments are complaining about the damaging effects of mold and other hazards found inside their apartments. According to the report, out of 106,000 orders for repair, only 9,000 have been scheduled for 2012.

And good news for Ray’s Candy Store, which finally reopened last Friday. Last week, the owner, 78-year-old Ray Alvarez, had been fighting to pass a series of follow-up inspections, after racking up 53 points in health code violations that had earned his shop a forced closure sign on Monday. Neither More Nor Less captured Mr. Alvarez doing one last bit of cleaning before reopening to the public.