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Phillip Kalantzis Cope

A sampling of reader reactions to posts that have appeared on The Local.

Brendan Bernhard’s post about Mast Books on Avenue A and its distinctly East Village vibe resonated with readers.

Amy Bull wrote:

“This seems to sum up the direction “modern society” is taking. Books become artifacts, newspapers a luxury. So what becomes of the tactile pleasures which used to make up our delgihtful every day routines? Morning coffee with the paper and curling up with a book on the couch…”

Michael Hoinski added:

“take your blogs, your mp3s, your kindles, so i can have my trad pubs, my vinyl, and my sweet, glorious hardcovers.”

Readers also responded to Mr. Bernhard’s piece about the CBGB’s era band Television.

Tony B. wrote:

“I’ve never dug Television, though I did love a lot of the music at CBGB. Ned Sublette comes gracefully to mind. Your story, however, gets Television’s appeal across to me.”

Ruta said:

“There’ll never be another band like Television nor another musician like Tom Verlaine. Listening to Marquee Moon today just shows how great their music was and that it’s for the ages.”

And Cheshire Agusta questioned Mr. Bernhard’s assertion that his lingering affection for the band might be immature or embarrassing:

“At what age will I ever consider, by dint of some mistaken notion of maturity, denying or discarding a lyric like, “counting all the silver no one could ever spend”, or
“For heaven’s sake Junior, don’t you be so happy. And for heaven’s sake, don’t you be so sad. ” ??”

A while back, we asked if you would considering patronizing a Wal-Mart if one ever opened nearby. Tim Milk offered this:

“They could put the Walmart on Roosevelt Island, and that would suit me just fine. I would shop there on my very next visit there (which would be never in my lifetime).”

And, finally, this note — from slightly outside the neighborhood — about our posts on Violet the hawk.

“Hi New York Times and readers ‘G’day and Hi’ from Australia.

Thank you for the pleasure of being able to watch the magnificent footage and sitting in on the waiting game of Violet and Bobby your red-tailed hawks.

The joy I have in watching your feathered friends is unmeasurable with the peaks of excitement to the lows of when they said no chicks to the uplifting moment when despite all a chick arrived. I now await the time when the nest will be empty and the long wait for the return.

Have a good day New York

From a fellow bird watcher (who wasn’t till I came across this news story whilst web browsing)

Brooklyn Wing”

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