The Day | Rainy Days and Ray’s

EAST VILLAGE rain3Gloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

Around 3 p.m. yesterday, in the midst of the downpour a cyclist was struck by a white van while moving between Broadway and East Houston. The accident, also involving a truck, resulted in three injuries, none of which the authorities believed were life-threatening. The police secured the scene until emergency responders could arrive. The injured were transferred to local hospitals.

New rules by the Parks Department will limit the number of art vendors in Union Square, along with three other city parks. A temporary restraining order to block the rules was lifted last Tuesday by a Manhattan appellate court. According to DNAinfo, the number of art vendors in the Union Square will be reduced to 18. Enforcement starts on Monday.

And there’s more news about Ray’s. According to Neither More Nor Less, health inspectors revisited Ray’s Candy Store yesterday and, despite all his efforts to clean up, the inspectors were still able to locate mouse droppings. Earlier in the day, the store’s owner, Ray Alvarez, went to court to address his fines for the citations he had been issued over the last couple of days. EV Grieve posted a listing of area bars and restaurants that received flawless inspections from the Department of Health — something for Ray to aspire to. Yesterday he was hoping to open his doors. Looks like we’ll all have to be a bit more patient.