The Day | Driving Up Rent

EAST VILLAGE third avenue2Gloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

For some who attended last night’s meeting at Cooper Union, it may not be such a good morning. Protestors booed and jeered as the New York City Rent Guidelines Board took a preliminary vote to increase rent stabilized apartments between three to 5.75 percent for one year apartment leases, and up to nine percent for two year leases, with an additional one percent for oil-heated buildings, DNAinfo reports.

The board approved the increase with a 5-4 vote, citing the need to keep up with the growing operating costs for building owners. What’s next? Two more public hearings on June 16 and 20, before a final vote on June 27. Will you be in attendance? Let us know.

But hey, at least British royalty can still afford the neighborhood. On Saturday, the East Village tipped its hat to the famous newlyweds, with a fresh mural of Prince William and Kate Middleton holding court on the corner of East Houston and Avenue B. According to BoweryBoogie, Lower East Side artist Chico offered up his congratulatory message (only up for about three weeks) after being commissioned by Branson B. Champagne, a Harlem based liquor company.

And the rain, rain won’t go away–at least not for another day. Expect wet weather with a high of 55.