The Day | The Bikeman is Back

Broadway, Soho, New York City - 05Vivienne Gucwa

Attention bikers, Natividad Zirate, the transient bike repairman, is back.  After word got out that his family was worried about his whereabouts, some cyclists thought this would be the year they’d have to do without his friendly curbside service–and bargain prices.  However, Bowery Boogie confirmed yesterday that the Mr. Zirate has once again set up his sidewalk shingle, at 14 Second Avenue, and is ready to serve.

Yesterday, Neighborhoodr posted a photo of the giant sign for Sig Kleins Fat Men’s Shop, a clothing store that stood on the corner of Third Avenue and 10th Street.  The sign’s slogan, “If everyone was fat there would be no war,” seemed to predict a golden age for fat acceptance.  Explore the full history at Vanishing New York.

Also, DNA Info reports that a new pet adoption center has made its way to the neighborhood.  Ollie’s place, known for its support of same-sex cat marriage, moved from it’s former location on East 26th Street to East 9th, after a fire consumed their old building.  Doors will open this Sunday.

And finally, DNAinfo reports more hard times for graffiti artist Angel “LA II” Ortiz, whose exhibition at Dorian Grey Gallery was said to have fallen flat in his absence.  The former protege of pop artist Keith Haring who fought hard–and at times misguidedly–to be recognized on his merits, was unable to attend his exhibition’s debut, he had been arrested the night before for–what else?–tagging a building. Last week, while he sat in Rikers, his gallery show closed, failing even to earn Mr. Ortiz enough cash to post bail.