Viewfinder | Adrian Fussell

Adrian Fussell on capturing energy and color in the city.

Houston and Lafayette

“Houston and Lafayette. The Village is always full of bright colors at night.”

Avenue A and 10th Street

“Avenue A and 10th Street. My first thought: Who is the man in grey? Then the bikers circled back, demanding to know if I had taken their picture. Now I wonder: What’s in the bag?”

Union Square, NY

“Union Square Park. Dancers perform to hip hop for a music video shoot in the park plaza above 14th Street on a warm day at the end of March. “

Broadway and Bleecker Street

“Broadway and Bleecker Street. Orange is the default color of night lighting in the city, so to capture a subject almost floating beneath the fluorescence was very lucky. Also: the Yelp reviews of this Wendy’s are priceless.”

Ballet dancer and cellist under the Washington Square Arch

“Washington Square Park. A ballet dancer, backed by a cellist, seated left, performed under the arch.”

St. Marks Place

“St. Marks Place. A vendor of hats and sunglasses tries to fix his broken lamp in the light afternoon rain.”

Houston Street

“Houston Street. The sunset, clear skies after rain, looking west from the Houston Street meridian.”

12th Street skate park

“12th Street Skate Park. Billy Rohan, a skateboarder from Florida, started a project to built this skate park on unused property 2008. His mother painted parts of the mural, street artists from Brazil painted the rest, presumably.”

L Train

“L Train Station. Seeing them shuffle up the stairs, heads bowed beneath the lighting and the steel, made it look to me like a futuristic ritual for some pagan god.”

Adrian Fussell is a student at NYU Journalism. His photography can be seen here and here.