The Day | A Fine Day for Biking

blue bikeMario Ramirez

Good morning, East Village.

Neighborhoodr spotted a Seventh Street and Second Avenue subway stop in the new Atlas Shrugged movie. The adaptation of Ayn Rand’s famous novel is set in 2016, by which time the Second Avenue subway should be completed, but in real life it will stop at 14th Street and Houston, bypassing the East Village entirely.

Until then, the most rapid form of transport might be the bicycle. But watch out, one EV Grieve reader sent the blog a copy of a $270 ticket he was given for running a red light on his bike.

Grieve also brings word that an apartment has been rented out in 120 St. Marks Place. The address is the former site of the Cave artist’s commune and was home to the Mosaic Man. A developer eventually removed the squatting artists in 2006.

DNAinfo has mapped out bedbug complaints for the first three months of the year. The Community Board 3 area, which includes the East Village and the Lower East Side, got off relatively lightly with only 4 violations and 27 complaints. Compare that with Community Board 9 on the far Upper West Side, which had 30 violations. Bowery Boogie notes that Discovery Channel show Human Planet will take a look at Lower East Side rats this weekend. According to the show, rat-related complaints are up 9 percent so far this year.

There’s more from The Lo Down on the 7th Precinct’s crackdown on troublesome Lower East Side revelers. But 102-year-old Lillian Sarno probably isn’t among their number, though. According to the Post, Ms. Sarno was at Back Room last weekend for a birthday tipple. The faux-speakeasy stands on the site of a real speakeasy she visited 78 years ago to celebrate passing the New York bar exam.

The weather? A high of 57 degrees and mostly sunny, so a fine day indeed.