The Day | A Grim Weekend

And The Walls Came Down...Tim Schreier

Good morning, East Village.

We begin this morning with the grim news coming from just south of our neighborhood that a woman was stabbed to death inside her apartment during the weekend. Sarah Coit, 23, was found dead in her Lower East Side apartment after a series of screams were heard coming from her home on 63 Clinton Street around 2 a.m. Sunday morning. The authorities say Ms. Coit’s boyfriend Raul Barrera, 33, stabbed Ms. Coit during a domestic dispute. The police said that Mr. Barrera turned himself into the Ninth Precinct station house less an hour later.

In other neighborhood news, McSorley’s Old Ale House on Seventh Street between Second and Third Avenues, recently made headlines about overlooking sanitation responsibilities despite being granted an A by the New York City Health Department. The Times reports that a city health inspector urged owner Matthew Maher, 70, to remove or at least dust a series of wishbones that hung from an old gas lamp. The wishbones were left by soldiers at the drinking establishment, which celebrated its 157th anniversary last February, on their way to war. Mr. Maher cleaned the wishbones just in time, with the opening of a new East Village Irish bar in the works.

Wondering what the line of people on 12th Street have been waiting for? Village East Cinema on 12th Street and Second Avenue is hosting a screening of Doctor Who, followed by a Q & A, Nearsay reports.

As for the weather, today’s forecast reveals fog and wind, but a high of 72 degrees, enjoy a hint of spring, East Village!