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men playing chess, Wednesday afternoonMichelle Rick

A sampling of reader reactions to recent posts that have appeared on The Local.

Commenting on our post about the rejection of a liquor license application for 34 Avenue A, Mattias questioned the fairness of the panel that approves licenses:

“Business owners should have the right to opportunity; the burden should be one of ‘proof’ and should be on the committee members. A commercial way is just that, commercial; a committee having the final say in such matters is not a free market democracy.”

Brendan Bernhard’s series of “East Village Tweets” continues to evoke wide praise from readers.

Celia Farber wrote: “An inspiring new form, to carry big ideas on these tiny bridges. Keep going.”

Amy Bull said: “Who could have thought that the tweet could impose a structure and like Haiku be made an art form?”

And some, like Matthew Licht, were moved to comment on the poems with poetry of their own:

“melancholy modified mayhem
existential tempests in a toilet flush
drunk sex-retaries nowhere near so wild
as the unseen rivers.

luckily someone’s looking.”

Many readers enjoyed Sarah Shanfield’s humorous account of an unexpected encounter with a police officer while crossing an intersection.

Rebecca wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve read this week. More please!”

“BB” said:

“Let the good obedient citizens of cities like Copenhagen or L.A. wait three minutes for the light to change, even when they couldn’t pick out an approaching car if you handed them a pair of binoculars. They don’t know how ridiculous they look, how beaten-down, and tame. Please, New Yorkers, don’t make the same mistake! And for God’s sake, not in the East Village of all places!”

And Sam had a simple message for Ms. Shanfield: “In my opinion, you could have easily out run her.”

And “East Villager” had a two-word comment about our post on the demise of sidewalk ATMs: “Good riddance.”