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Tim Schreier on photographing people as they interact with art.

Waiting for Words

“I am simply a ‘picture taker.’ I would not call myself a photographer because that indicates some form of formal training, study or professional capacity. I kind of think of myself as a painter with a severe attention deficit, meaning I love light and admire photographers who are able to take advantage of natural lighting in it’s purest form. One of my favorite things to do is to visit galleries or museums and watch people as they interact with art.”

Three Moments in Time

“I also like to photograph the backs of people, as I think mannerisms are quite telling. In the photo at the top, it was an ominously quiet day at the Met. I noticed this West Point Cadet as he entered the Modern room. I watched from afar as he studied Warhol’s Mao. I titled this ‘Conflicted.’ The photo below it is another example of this from MassMoCA.”

Ghost of Christmas Future

“Some street art and a clear reaction of seeming alarm by a passerby.”

3-D Graffiti
Stars and Stripes

“People are fascinating. Often times I am just walking around and spot someone in an odd position or surrounding. New York offers a lot of that. Taking pictures has trained me to look out for this on every block, corner and location that I find myself in. Here are a few fun examples of that.”

Waiting for Words

“I call this one ‘Waiting for Words.'”

Tim Schreier is a community contributor to The Local East Village.