The Day | Raindrops and Street Fairs

Side By SideC. Ceres Merry

Good morning, East Village.

It seems the rain is going to stop, the clouds are going to vanish, the sun will come out…well, not today. But this weekend is slated for decent weather, and Sunday might be rather pleasant.

In a few weeks, your Bowery will host a street fair-slash-art workshop, as the New Museum throws a four-day “Festival of Ideas for the New City.” The event, which will run May 4-8, will feature speeches and interactive art displays, as well as panels and classes given by local community groups.

In artsy news via BoweryBoogie, one neighborhood photographer has turned her shots of the Village into a quilt, with daylight pictures on one side, and night-time pics on the reverse.

And from the Captain Obvious Institute for Totally Necessary Studies, we receive word that the East Village has lots and lots of happy hours — more than any other Manhattan neighborhood, in fact. But it’s Friday, so you, dear readers, will probably need to do a little further research.