Your Voices | Nevada Smiths

NevSmith 2Grace Maalouf Soccer fans watch multiple live games on a recent Saturday morning at Nevada Smiths, an East Village institution where fans are split over the dismissal of several employees last fall.

Our recent post on how patrons have responded to recent staffing changes at Nevada Smiths generated a wide range of feedback about the landmark soccer bar.

Jon criticized the atmosphere at the bar:

“Nevada Smiths, a dump from day one. A big souless barn of a place with poor ale to boot. got away with it for years, when the choice of bars was limited.”

Mozza wrote in defense of Nevadas:

“Nevada’s could be criticised for a number of things but being soulless wasn’t one of them. In fact the first thing that struck you when you walked in the door was that, if nothing else, the place had character and atmosphere.”

Chinatownbranch agreed:

“Quality ale and a big fry up, the two crucial ingredients that go miles towards creating atmosphere in a pub before 10am in the morning. The whole point of Nevada’s Jon was that it had a banging atmosphere.”

Chinatownbranch continued:

“If you havent been for years and you spent all your time in another pub what would you know, and why would you bother commenting?”

Join the conversation: Soccer fans, what’s your take on the changes at Nevadas?