Viewfinder | Tim Schreier

Tim Schreier on finding his visual muse in New York City.

Little Big Man

“New York City has to be one of the greatest ‘canvases’ to practice photography; the neighborhoods, art, architecture, events and, of course, the people make this city and its neighborhoods a dream come true for a photographer. The ‘East Village’ and Lower East Side are truly unique places. The diversity of cultures in such a close proximity is my favorite element to this part of the city.”

Thoughts Racing

“One of my favorite things to do is to watch people as they interact with art. This, of course, is from Houston and Bowery, ‘Tag’ by artists Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano, taken at night.”

Amongst The Columns
Way Off Base

“Other favorite subjects of mine are people alone in the city. In a city with a population of roughly 8.5 million people, not including suburban commuters and visitors, one can hardly find a place in the city to be alone. Or can they? The top photo is from Lincoln Center. I love this backdrop because of its pure scale. This wall is a favorite ‘muse’ of mine because it shows how small the human being is juxtaposed with it’s environment. The bottom image is from a baseball game in Red Hook.”

Like a Rainbow...
Snow Far

“Fighting the elements of a winter storm in NYC.”

Breaking Away
Little Big Man

“A couple of lone runaways…”

The Extra

“I call this one ‘The Extra.'”

19th St Shining

“And then there are the unique-to-New York City images found just on a simple walk…”

Tim Schreier is a community contributor to The Local East Village.