The Day | Measuring the Local Mood

EV st mark's church2Gloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

Feeling down lately? You’re not the only one. From noxious dirt to demolitions to downpours it seems like a lot of people are in low spirits today.

A new poll shows 41 percent of New Yorkers believe quality of life has gone down in the past 10 years. Of those polled, 35 percent expect it to get worse.

East Village Community school is seeking relocation after potentially toxic oil was discovered in the soil underneath the school’s auditorium, DNAinfo reports. Citing a possible “environmental and structural crisis,” the principal is asking that the school be moved to an available space on East 12th Street — the same spot being eyed by the Girls Prep Charter School as it looks to expand.

Neighborhood activists intent on saving 35 Cooper Square from demolition will once again push their case before Community Board 3’s landmark and preservation committee at a meeting tonight. Work on the landmark building resumed last week after a stop work order was issued in February was lifted.

One mood booster that’s sure to work? Pinball. Ace Bar on East Fifth Street is conveniently hosting a tournament this weekend for casual players and pros alike. Come test your skill and maybe win a little cash along the way.

Don’t look to the weather today to cheer you up. While temperatures are expected to hover around 50 degrees, forecasters are predicting a 100 percent chance of rain.