The Day | Milestones for Two Churches

Phillip Kalantzis Cope

Good morning, East Village.

EV Grieve reports that renovations continue on St. Brigid’s Church on East Eighth Street and Avenue B after workers put new scaffolding up last week. Repairs to the landmark church began in 2009 after a mysterious donor saved the historic church from demolition. Read more about it here, here and here.

While one church gets a facelift, another one celebrates its 165th anniversary on Broadway.

Meanwhile, Grieve also points us to residents at 97 East Seventh Street, who are hoping for a miracle of their own after having gone 17 days without gas for cooking, though word is that management will have the problem fixed by today.

In other news, a man who punched a woman and nearly killed her over an East Village parking spot apologized yesterday after being charged with second-degree assault, DNAInfo reports.  Read more about what sparked the feud here.

Yesterday marked the beginning of National Procrastination Week. It’s only fitting that you start celebrating today. Or tomorrow, for that matter.

And it’s another beautiful day in the East Village, with sunny skies and temperatures expected to reach a high of 46 degrees.