Viewfinder | Adrian Fussell

Adrian Fussell on following his camera around the city.

Delancey St.

“A lot of people exclusively shoot at dawn and dusk because of the lighting. I always try to carry my camera when the sun goes down. Winter skies are some of the most beautiful, and with the reflection on Trump Soho and the lighting behind the silhouettes downtown, it looked like there were two suns. “

Delancey Street

“The corner of Delancey Street and Forsyth Street, looking west. The fire escape ladder is almost like a gateway to the city.”


“A man is silhouetted against the light from an herbal remedy and spice shop in Chinatown. Sometimes people are less than camera friendly. This gentleman seemed too tired to mind.”

Bond Street

“Looking west on Bond Street from Lafayette, snowflakes in midair at 1/1250 on a very dark and cold weekday morning.”


“Children build a giant snowman in a playground between apartment blocks in the Borinquen Plaza Houses on Humboldt Street in Williamsburg. The composition and lighting of the picture made me think of an American flag.”

Big Ups at Lit Lounge

“This is Joe Galarraga from Big Ups at Lit Lounge on Second Avenue. Joe had blood all over his face from a busted lip and the guitar player Amar later crowdsurfed about 10 people. Punk rock.”


“A flock of pigeons sits on an apartment’s fire escape, Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The blue sky and the birds’ freedom contrasts with a building that can only be aesthetically compared to a prison exterior.”

Alphabet City

“The Con Ed Power Plant at 14th Street between Avenue C and the East River. The station looks like a New York version of London’s defunct Battersea Power Plant, and here looks dreamy in the dusk.”

Adrian Fussell is a student at NYU Journalism.