The Day | Facing Another Cold Snap

SearchingTim Schreier

Good morning, East Village.

Whether you spent yesterday hacking at the ice wall around your frozen car or stalking Gossip Girl’s Village visit (we won’t tell), today is a brand-new day. You may have needed to face its earlier hours with an umbrella, but for now, grab your hat and gloves. Temperatures are set to drop steadily, hitting 18 degrees by the time midnight rolls around.

Maybe someone should head over to East Houston and tell the model in this new American Apparel billboard to don some warm leggings? I hear electric blue is the new day-glo pink. In other additions to Village advertising, EV Grieve takes a look at various neighborhood graffiti and brings word that comic bookstore Forbidden Planet might be looking for some breathing room.

Yesterday we gave you a look at rider contention over the new M15 select bus service, and now City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin tells DNAinfo she’s given the service a B minus for its efforts. She says she supports the goals, “but it’s not quite living up to its potential.” C minus for accessibility, A for effort? Let us know how you feel about the new system.

Speaking of report cards, New York students might be graduating from high school, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready for college or a career — a new set of statistics says only 23 percent are meeting that standard. This news comes on the heels of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s voiced disappointment in state budget cuts for our little town, which he says will be devastating for teachers and other public employees (mayors excepted).

And finally, a super-short film to watch over your coffee break: Manhattan re-imagined as your favorite arcade game.