Where To Watch The Game

Lots of East Villagers might be bummed by the absence of the Jets in Sunday’s game. But we shouldn’t lose our sportsmanship or our spirit. There are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the most important NFL game of the year. But selecting a supreme post to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Green Bay Packers is no easy feat with all of the East Village options.

Not everyone is into amped up Super Bowl crowds, rasslin’ for prime TV viewing real estate. So, do you prefer seats or standing room only? Food or just drinks? Essential questions we at The Local hope to answer in this grouping of neighborhood hot spots.

IMG_0219Claire Glass Professor Thom’s, 219 Second Avenue.

Professor Thom’s
219 2nd Avenue, 212-260-9480

For the true sports bar seeker try Professor Thom’s on 2nd Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. Here, you’ll find ample space for sitting and standing all in eyeshot of their 17 TVs virtually wallpapering the entire place. To boot, Thom’s will be showing the game on a more than 60-inch projection screen in the back of the bar. This is no place for the faint of heart.

Thom’s is a New England Patriots bar, known for attracting truly impassioned fans. The bar tender said Sunday will most likely draw a mixed crowd of fans, but will likely be just as action packed. They offer a full bar menu, but the nachos are your best bet here for game time snacking.

IMG_0222Claire Glass Vanessa Hudson, a bartender at 7B Horseshoe Bar, 108 Avenue B.

7B Horseshoe Bar
108 Avenue B, 212-677-6742

At 7B, also known as 7B Horseshoe Bar, the crowds are similarly rambunctious, but a neighborhood feel dominates the scene according to bartender Vanessa Hudson.

“It’s a good local vibe,” Ms. Hudson said. “We’ll probably get a mix of regulars we see everyday and people who are just here to watch the game.”

With eight TVs surrounding the horseshoe-shaped bar, the game will be easily visible from barstools and booths alike. Ms. Hudson said that patrons are welcome to order food to the bar from any one of the many menus in their designated menu box. Or anywhere else for that matter. But at half time they’ll be serving up two six-foot subs with side dishes, for free. As always, pitchers of Budweiser go for just $10.

IMG_0254Claire Glass Royale, 157 Avenue C.

157 Avenue C, 212-254-6600

Royale Bar is a perfect medium for fans looking for a good meal plus a reasonable amount of fired up patrons. Royale has plenty of TV screens in the main bar area and comfortable table seating all along the back wall in addition to bar seating. The heated outdoor patio, complete with tables and a giant plasma screen make their offerings particularly special.

“It’s a neighborhood spot and we know everyone’s name,” said Sara Brockman, a manager. “It’ll definitely fill up but it’s never completely wild or crazy.”

IMG_0277Claire Glass Black Iron Burger, 540 East Fifth Street.

Black Iron Burger
540 East Fifth Street, 212-677-6067

For food-focused fans, Black Iron Burger on Fifth Street between Avenues A and B, is a good choice. With only one TV screen, this burger joint isn’t ideal for the type of fan who’ll be donning face or chest paint looking to be engrossed in the game.

Black Iron’s thin patties in beef, turkey, or falafel varieties on familiar poppy seed buns won’t fail the hungry patron watching the screen out of the corner of their eye. They also have a nice selection of sides and artisan beers.

The atmosphere is intimate as the space is small, but mirrored walls make it feel less cramped. Seats are available at small round table with stools and there’s one large booth in the back.