The Day | Once Again, Digging Out

The ObserverRachel Citron

Good morning, East Village.

Another inch of snow is on its way, according to Accuweather, but with the mountains of white out there already, we may not even notice. If you’re sick of the weather, check out the nation’s 5 coldest cities for consolation. Number 1, according to the Weather Channel? Barrow, Alaska. Its population is a tenth that of our neighborhood, but nearly half their days are below zero, and think of how few cafes they have for respite from that cold.

Apparently, the snow won’t deter East Village activists, with two demonstrations planned – a rally at 4:30 this afternoon to protest planned development at the historic 35 Cooper Square and a picket tomorrow night at 8 over allegations of bias at the Continental bar.

Also out in full force will be 3,000 volunteers counting the homeless throughout the city, this Sunday night with HOPE NYC, the Homeless Outreach Population Estimate.

Who else will be winding through the snow-swirled streets? Well, DNAinfo suggests, red-tailed hawks are actually on the rise, and may just be the answer to our rat predicament.

If you’re looking for local – indoor – activities, you may want to tuck into the Bowery Poetry Club Sunday for David Amram’s 80th birthday celebration. Mr. Amram, a noted musician and author who performed with the likes of Jack Kerouac, will be performing at 8 p.m.