The Day | A Piece of Local History

Alphabet City, New York City 492Vivienne Gucwa

Good morning, East Village.

We begin the week with a look back at a piece of East Village history. The Bowery Alliance of Neighbors is circulating a petition to stop the development of the historic building located at 35 Cooper Square, now the home of Cooper 35 Asian Pub. The alliance is also holding a rally and news conference Friday to protest the building from being destroyed. It’s one of the oldest houses on the Bowery, and was sold for $8.5 million in November. Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York put together a comprehensive look at the building’s history.

Meanwhile, street artist Kenny Scharf is speaking out about the tagging of his huge mural at the corner of Houston Street and the Bowery. “It really hurt me,” Mr. Scharf told The Post. “It was a big diss.” The mural was defaced during December’s big blizzard, and the Big Time Bombers, a graffiti gang, is being blamed. Take a peek at what the wall looked like in the 60’s on Bowery Boogie, which has stills from director Martin Scorsese’s 1967 film, “Who’s That Knocking At My Door.”

If you’re out riding your bike, be extra cautious to follow the rules. The NYPD has handed out close to a whopping 1,000 tickets this month to cyclists accused of breaking the law, which includes violations such as riding the wrong way and up on the sidewalk, running lights, and making illegal turns, reports The Post.

But before you head out into the deep chill, keep in mind that it’s 12 degrees, though it’s suppose to warm up to a balmy 18, according to NY1. Bundle up.