The Day | Honoring A Dreamer

AdoptionsTim Schreier

Good morning, East Village.

As we remember Martin Luther King Jr., today, check out one of the many celebrations around the city honoring the civil rights activist. There are documentary screenings, concerts, and walking tours, reports The Daily News.

Today, EV Grieve also remembers Jodie Lane, a Columbia grad student who lived on East 11th Street and was electrocuted by a Con Edison junction box in 2004. Her father, who died last month, worked tirelessly to push the electric company to improve its procedures.

In development news, the Guggenheim Museum is planning a community center for a rat-infested lot on East First Street, reports DNAinfo .

If you’re curious about what our neighborhood looked like in 1770, the Brooklyn Historical Society this week will unveil a rare, restored map of Manhattan by Bernard Ratzer, the “Da Vinci of cartography,” according to The Times.

In the world of culinary controversies, a waiter at the soon-to-be-shuttered Mercadito Cantina has written an open letter to EV Grieve and Community Board 3. The waiter defends the restaurant, which is reportedly closing because of mounting debt after it was denied a liquor license, and says residents should be sensitive to the fact that 25 people will lose their jobs.

And don’t put away those snow boots just yet. According to NY1 there’s a chance of snow tonight that will turn into slush, just in time for your morning commute.