The Day | Weathering The Changes

Hailing a cab; New York City Snowstorm 2011Dan Nguyen

Good morning, East Village.

As we trudge through the slushy snow – we got nine inches overnight – the cleanup is in full force. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, mindful of the mistakes of the Dec. 26 and 27 blizzard, when the city was left in a snowy, trashy mess, has declared a “weather emergency”. Tread carefully — more injuries are caused after the snow falls as we slip in icy patches and dodge puddles, reports NY1.

Speaking of snow, if you’re walking near First and First on your way to work, catch a glimpse of a tag by the late East Village artist Daniel “Dash” Snow, his work on the rolldown gate at Rogers Garden, which is under renovation.

Finally, more changes in view for the Bowery. Curbed reports on plans for the Salvation Army shelter with its familiar red sign at 347, sold for $7.6 million to a London-based boutique hotel group.