The Day | Bracing For Another Snowfall

photo-3Emily Lawrence

Good morning, East Village.

We’re expecting up to five inches of snow today, and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg insists the city is ready to handle the storm, reports The Times. He was heavily criticized after the big blizzard on Dec. 26 and 27, when trash piled high, emergency response was slow, and New Yorkers couldn’t get to work. Let’s hope we won’t have to navigate around big mounds of trash in our neighborhood again.

Meanwhile, pedestrians will enjoy more open space at the busy intersection of Astor Place and Cooper Triangle. DNA reports that at a meeting Thursday night, Community Boards 2 and 3 passed a big redesign plan, unveiled by the Department of Design and Construction.

In culinary news, if you’re planning for brunch this weekend, 7A, a favorite breakfast spot for East Villagers, will unfortunately be closed for renovations until Jan. 14, writes EV Grieve. (And on the subject of building projects, Grieve also has a very cool look at the construction of 2 Cooper Square.)

If you’re still thirsty for the banned Four Loko, you might think twice after we tell you it’s now being turned into (gulp) gasoline. The Village Voice reports that a company called MXI Environmental Services is converting the alcoholic and caffeinated drink into, yes, petrol. Still thirsty?