Viewfinder | Silent Night

Vivienne Gucwa on photographing the East Village at night.

East Village, New York City 650

East Village, New York City 616

“Gas stations may be few and far between in Manhattan but this one in the East Village is a haven for the multitudes of taxi cabs that grace these busy streets.”

East Village, New York City 651

“The Two Boots Pizza location in the East Village has such a vibrant atmosphere. Its kitschy decorations give it a warm and festive vibe. There is something charming about the fact that you can browse through their DVD rental collection while waiting for a slice.”

Mars Bar, East Village, New York City 10

“I took this photo in an attempt to hold on to my memories of Mars Bar.”

East Village, New York City 750

“There are moments during the winter months when the East Village’s streets are emptier than usual. Under the glow of storefront lighting, everyday moments achieve a dramatic quality.”

East Village, New York City 611

“Holiday decorations can transform even the most ordinary places.”

East Village, New York City 610

“Winter in New York City can be brutally cold but the twinkle of lights makes it bearable. Night has always been my favorite time to experience the East Village visually and when it is accessorized for the holidays it’s all the more enjoyable to capture in photographs.”

East Village, New York City 630

“Gringer and Sons is one of those places in the East Village that has been in the same location for almost a century but can sometimes seem eclipsed by the restaurants and bars that populate the neighborhood. It has such a brilliant iconic neon sign that is reminiscent of the New York of the mid-20th century.”

East Village, New York City 650

“This particular scene is reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks.’ The glow of the holiday lights highlights the contrast between the coldness outside and the coziness inside.”

Vivienne Gucwa is a community contributor to The Local East Village. Her photography can be seen regularly on her blog.