The Day | Starbucks and Santas

EV garden fence2Gloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

Those who fear a Starbucks on every corner might breathe a little easier this morning, as the company tells DNAinfo that it currently has no designs on First Avenue or Avenue A. Devotees of bric-a-brac will spare a thought for Billy LeRoy of Billy’s Antiques. Having failed to follow through with a threatened prosecution for illegally selling subway signs, according to Gothamist the city still won’t give him the signs back.

Meanwhile, the threatened Mars Bar has never, it seems, been so newsworthy. Marty Wombacher, who devoted the year to an attempt to visit 365 bars tells Jeremiah that his night at Mars Bar was the most fun of all. Also, evidence at Eater suggests that it’s Santa’s choice for refreshment before the rigors of Christmas night; although, wait – why are we seeing triple?