The Day | On Change And The Census

winter's respiteMichelle Rick

Good morning, East Village.

At a moment when many people who live in our community are intensely focused on changes brought about by development and the loss of local institutions, The Times offers a fascinating look at new Census data showing how the demographics of neighborhoods in the New York region have shifted over the past decade.

The Lower East Side is cited in the piece as one of the locations in the region where the non-Hispanic white population has surged. The data comes from a five-year survey of neighborhoods across the country; the full Census report is expected to be released early next year.

The story also describes how segregation in city neighborhoods persists. “Most whites in the metropolitan area and most blacks in the city still live where a majority of their neighbors are of the same race,” the article notes. An interactive map also let’s you take a look at the data at the census tract level.

In other neighborhood news, EV Grieve, who last week was outraged by the apparent demise of a local willow tree near Eighth Street and Avenue C, re-visits the block this week and finds that the damage to the tree might not be as bad as originally feared.