The Day | Schools and Shake Shacks

Ho Ho Ho, East VillageShawn Hoke

Good morning, East Village.

We begin this morning with a look at a detailed report in The Times on the Ross Global Academy Charter School on East 12th Street, which received one of the worst grades in a recent report card on schools and is among three city schools slated for closure. DNAinfo and The Wall Street Journal have details, too.

In other neighborhood news, EV Grieve re-visits a Times article on Seventh Street and ponders a hypothetical, the-end-is-nigh scenario: What if a Shake Shack opened in Tompkins Square Park?

EV Transitions offers up a history lesson on the neighborhood’s place as a focal point for shipbuilding in the 19th century, including how the industry shaped such community institutions as St. Brigid’s, which was named for the patron saint of boatmen.

And the Village Voice has a humorous account of a brief evacuation at NYU Journalism Monday that was caused by heavy smoke after a mechanical failure. The evacuation occurred in the middle of a panel on influential media figures. The Voice’s headline: “This Discussion Panel Is On Fire.”