The Day | On Cats And Cost

Post no billsTimothy Krause

Good morning, East Village.

We return from the weekend with a report on what may be the latest scourge to afflict the neighborhood: an attack by cat.

The Post reported during the weekend on a lawsuit filed by a New Jersey woman against McSorley’s Old Ale House after she said she was attacked by Minnie, the tavern’s pet cat. EV Grieve posted a video of Minnie during what were apparently more benign and cuddly times.

Grieve also has a post about a newspaper distribution box designed by the street artist Cost, which was sold on eBay for $4,200.

And our belated, yet nonetheless enthusiastic congratulations go out to Grieve and Bowery Boogie, two locally produced sites which were each named finalists in the Village Voice Web Awards for best neighborhood blog. We try to send traffic to both blogs as much as we can and it’s nice to see their good work being acknowledged elsewhere.