Viewfinder | Autumn Gardens

Gloria Chung on photographing East Village gardens in the fall.

EV garden willow tree

Lower East Side Ecology Center Community

EV garden sprinkler

Ninth Street Community Garden

EV garden wheelbarrow

”I like biking or walking by community gardens and seeing evidence of the gardeners who take such good care of these spaces: a wheelbarrow, compost bins, a running sprinkler.”

11BC Serenity Garden

EV white chair
EV hanging basket

”This particular little garden has great events: live jazz music, film/video projections, poetry readings, parties, art installations.”

6BC Botanical Garden

EV fall garden

“A beautiful green space all year round with an herb garden, grape arbor, picnic tables, library and tool shed structure and small ponds.”

El Jardin Del Paraiso

EV garden willow tree

”I love the Roderick Romero treehouse in El Jardin del Paraiso, a green space which apparently has a long history from being a site of razed tenement buildings and drug wars to the present-day ‘model eco park’ reincarnation.

Gloria Chung is a community contributor to The Local East Village. You can see more of her photography at