The Day | The Protest That Wasn’t

WaitingSarah Tung

Good morning, East Village.

Earlier this week, we wrote about the sparsely attended protest at Tompkins Square Park where even the organizer, John Penley, failed to appear. EV Grieve publishes a post that offers a cryptic explanation for Mr. Penley’s absence.

“Some pretty heavy stuff came down on me the night before Halloween,” Mr. Penley wrote on his Facebook page, according to the Grieve report. “I got maced and someone else close to me got a baseball bat to the face. I have gone into hiding for awhile.”

The Post reports that one of the neighborhood’s most notorious underground culinary options, Bread.Butter.Cheese., is shutting down its daily service. The reason? Its chef apparently has a new job at a mainstream restaurant.

And in other neighborhood news, The Times visits Peels at the Bowery and East Second Street.