A Designer’s Take on East Village Style

I work in fashion, which means I can say things like “stripes are the new black” without getting laughed at. I have also recently started an accessories line which means I can call myself a “designer” and now everyone I meet thinks I make everything I wear.

I don’t let how I dress define who I am, so while eavesdropping during Sunday brunch in the East Village, I was surprised to hear that not only do some people define a person by their style, but they also define style by a neighborhood.

A gaggle of girls sat at the table next to me and said “our waitress dresses so East Village-y, you can just tell she lives around here.” This got me thinking. I’m now an East Village resident and haven’t broken out a CBGBs T-shirt since high school.

Are a pair of Converse and some plaid a dead giveaway? If these girls could so easily point out an East Village “look,” how do others stereotype the East Village aesthetic?

I style stalked a handful of people, and found the common answer to be “individualism.” People see the East Village as a place where style doesn’t define who you are, but it can help describe who you are and what you’re feeling. Take a look at the slideshow above to see what people consider East Village style to be.

Allison Hertzberg is owner and head designer at Accessories By ASH

Do you think there’s a distinctive East Village style?