Honoring the Ninth Precinct’s Finest

IMG_8301Timothy J. Stenovec Officers Edward Thompson (left) and John Sivori were honored at a ceremony Thursday night saluting officers of the Ninth Precinct.

A loaded .22 caliber semi-automatic weapon, eight daggers and a silencer.

Those are the items that Officer Edward Thompson and Officer John Sivori, both of the Ninth Precinct, discovered on a burglary suspect in the East Village early one morning in March.

The officers, who are also Marine veterans and have served in Iraq, were two of the 34 police officers who were recognized last night for their “outstanding service to the safety and well being of our community” at the annual Ninth Precinct Recognition Ceremony.   The Ninth Precinct Community Council, a volunteer organization focused on strengthening the relationship between the community and the police, put on the event, which highlighted specific instances in which officers had acted with exceptional bravery.

“Not a lot of people know what we do on a daily basis, and it’s nice for my guys to get the recognition,” said Sergeant Elias Miranda, who supervises the unit that includes Officers Sivori and Thompson.

“They’ve been very productive in keeping the streets safe,” Sergeant Miranda said of the officers in his unit.

Nearly 200 East Village residents, police officers, and their families attended the ceremony, which was held in the Great Hall at Cooper Union on East Seventh Street and Cooper Square.

Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lehr, the commanding officer of the Ninth Precinct, said in an interview that the event is a good way for the officers’ families to see what they do at work, especially because many officers miss holidays and family gatherings because of their jobs.  “They do sacrifice a lot in their home lives,” Inspector Lehr said. “Events like this help understanding within the family.”

Officer Sivori’s father, Robert Sivori, a retired officer who served for 17 years with the elite Emergency Services Unit, came from Staten Island to see his son receive the award. “It’s great,” said the elder Mr. Sivori, who’s 50 and who noted that his son is a fourth generation police officer. “I couldn’t be any more proud of him. I’m very proud of his service to the country and to the city.”

IMG_8299Timothy J. Stenovec From left: Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lehr and Ninth Precinct Community Council President Jeremiah Shea applaud Officers Thompson and Sivori.