Conversation | On Bars and Noise

I (Black) Heart NY Mattress, on 9th St and 3rd Ave., East Village, ManhattanDan Nguyen

Earlier this week, we wrote about a meeting of the state liquor authority committee of Community Board 3, where neighborhood residents successfully opposed the granting of a liquor license to a diner on Avenue A. One reader, Josef, commented in the forums:

Who are these people? Obviously they do not deserve to live in such a cool neighborhood. There are thousands and thousands of people who would love to move to the East Village and revel in its bars, restaurants, noise, traffic, and graffiti. Instead, the best hood for partying in the city winds up populated by shrinking violets with sensitive eardrums and early bedtimes.

Later in the week, we posted a story about the Ninth Precinct Community Council Meeting where at least 25 people showed up to voice their complaints about noise and fighting outside East Village bars.

As the weekend approaches – with Oktoberfest celebrations and other events planned – we’d like to know what you think.

Are complaints about noisy bars and congested streets overblown?

Or do residents have a legitimate expectation that business owners control the riff-raff?

Let us know.